FAQ and Who to Contact:

To join the Phoenix Java User's Group, all you need to do is register and attend. There are no membership dues. We meet every second Wednesday of the month the the University of Advancing Computer Technology (UACT) from 6:30 p.m. to approx. 9:00 p.m. We have snacks and drinks before the meeting and have a post meeting celebration with Mexican food and Beer at Aunt Chilada's restaurant/bar (within walking distance of the UACT). A typical meeting averages 75-100 members in attendance.

To find out about our next and upcoming meetings, check out our homepage. When you register, you will also receive e-mail meeting announcements and reminders. 

Our meetings follow this general format:

Our mission statement is our Statement of Origin.

Our organization is funded via sponsorships. We provide our members with food and drink before out meetings and Beer/Mexican food after. These allow for our members to network and is a great time to talk about employment opportunities, technologies, products, etc. Our meetings average 75-100 Java developers. Sponsorship is an extremely good way to get the mind share of a very focused group. Sponsors have the opportunity to address the members and usually are the keynote speakers for the event. We offer three types of sponsorship: Silver, Gold, and Platinum:

Sponsorship Level What the Sponsorship covers Approx Cost
Silver Sponsorship  Pre-meeting food and drink $200 plus optional raffle items
Gold Sponsorship Post-meeting food and drink $400 plus optional raffle items
Platinum Sponsorship Both Silver and Gold sponsorship $600 plus optional raffle items

If you or your organization would like to sponsor one or more of our meetings please contact  Srini Attaluri.

Each event has a keynote speaker, this speaker will address the average audience of 75-100 Java developers about Java technologies and/or products. Keynote speakers have 60-90 minutes to talk in our meeting auditorium. If you have a technology or product and you would like to speak at out meetings please contact  Srini Attaluri.

We offer any employer the opportunity at the beginning of each meeting to announce the position(s) and say a few words about your organization. You can stay and participate in the meeting and join us for the post-meeting celebration and talk with potential candidates. You can also sponsor our meetings and/or contribute raffle items. Please contact Srini Attaluri to participate in this program.

We offer the opportunity for our members to share what they are doing in the "real world" with Java technology. "Real World" speakers are given 30-45 minutes to present on a project or technology that they have been working with and share their experience, ideas, and what they learned. These can be tutorials, company projects, demos, or a combination. In addition to sharing what you learned so that others may benefit, "real world" speakers have the opportunity to contribute to the group as an active member and to practice presenting and talking about technology in a public forum. If you would like to participate or you know someone that should, please contact Srini Attaluri.

We are working to develop Special Interest Group (SIG) programs in the Phoenix Java User's Group. If you are interested in participating in a SIG or in leading a SIG, please contact Srini Attaluri.

We have a major initiative underway to completely redesign this website using J2EE technologies. If you are interested in contributing your time and talent and participate as an active member of the Phoenix Java User's Group please contact Jeff Micke.

The Phoenix Java User's Group is organized into committees. Each committee has an executive and many committee members. To participate in a committee and the become and active member please contact the appropriate executive member below.

Position Contact Committee and Responsibilities
President Srini Attaluri Keynote Speaker and Sponsor Committee
Vice President Veera Kasanneni SIG and Real World Speakers Committee
Vice President Jeff Micke Web Development Committee
A founder and current Advisor Dan Mazzola Membership and General Inquiries

All other inquiries not mentioned above can be addressed to Dan Mazzola.

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